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1. How will the GNPD handle/monitor the Off-Ice training during COVID?
2. Will Off-Ice training be inside or outside? If inside, will it cause parents to get kicked out due to rink capacity rules?
3. My child may be tired to do Off-Ice training prior to the On-Ice training, will it be mandated for him/her to do the Off-Ice training? Will they be evaluated differently if they choose not to do it?
4. With the addition of Top Shelf Hockey, are the current Bruins Coaches still going to be at the trainings, and the games if any happen?
5. How much ice hockey training is my child getting during the modified COVID schedule?
6. Ice Rink COVID Procedures - What do I need to know?
7. How much am I actually paying for tuition this year versus last year?
8. Off-Ice Training - What should I wear?