How will the GNPD handle/monitor the Off-Ice training during COVID?

All COVID procedures will be strictly enforced and followed as per the Department of Health, and NYS.  Off-Ice training will only be given to the specific team designated to the advertised time slot. Top Shelf coaches will be wearing face masks at all times while conducting the training.  The Off-Ice is designed to ensure 6ft of social distancing.  If 6ft of distance cannot be maintained then a face covering will be required by the players.  Face mask will be mandatory when entering the facility, being indoors while changing, and when social distancing cannot be maintained. 

Off-Ice training will be conducted outdoors, underneath our Parkwood Pool “Breezeway” located at the main entrance of the pool.  Players and parents must perform our Health Screen Check. Once completed, all players can walk up the path to the pool deck for training.  

Once the training has been completed, the players will be separated into groups and directed inside the pool locker rooms, where they can begin to change into their hockey attire.  Skates will be put on in the Parkwood lounge before entering onto the ice.   

One parent will be permitted to enter the lounge and assist their child with putting on their skates and any other hockey attire if needed. (Masks are required indoors at all times, and social distancing will be adhered to).   Parents will be permitted to enter the rink 15 minutes prior to the on-ice training. Early entrance will only be permitted to assist your child with their hockey attire/skates.   

After the Off-Ice training, all 8U players will be escorted to their parent waiting inside the rink lounge.  Once handed off, parents may begin to assist their child with getting ready for the on-ice.  We ask that parents of the 8U hold onto your child’s hockey bag during the Off-Ice training portion, and bring with you when assisting your child getting changed.  All other age groups, we ask that players bring their hockey bags with them to the Off-Ice where they will change inside the Pool Locker Rooms.  

The transition of off-ice to on-ice will be seamless, and the kids entering the facility to perform off-ice will not have any interaction with any other in, one out

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