JV Team - Great Neck United

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This is ONLY for Junior Varsity players (8th/9th Grades) that have been notified that they have made the 2023-24 Junior Varsity Team.  

Please do not sign up if you did not receive registration link from your Head Coach.

Junior Varsity - Rules and Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Junior VarsityHockey defined as 8th and grades only?
A. 8th and 9th grade with the ability to utilize 10th graders only to complete your roster if needed.

Q. What membership will be required for each player to participate in the League?
A. All clubs and players are required to register with AAU.  The club fee as of today is $40 and the per player fee is $14.

Q. If we can not form a complete team are we able to merge with another school district?
A. You can request a merger for approval but it needs to be formally approved by the board.