Communication and Life Skills Workshops - After Camp

Great Neck Park District partners with the Epic Enrichment Center who hosts this new afternoon program, designed to help children emerge from the past year's pandemic restrictions in a healthy, happy way by improving social skills, learning self-awareness, and connecting with others to encourage feeling good about themselves and the world around them. We will focus on:

  • Value-based choices for increased happiness and self-confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Mindset growth
  • Transforming negative thinking into constructive, positive thinking
  • A sense of purpose and service to the community in a world where an attitude of "It's all about me" has become increasingly popular 

These fun, interactive classes are taught outdoors in Steppingstone Park on 6 consecutive Wednesday afternoons.

July 7 - August 4;  4 - 5 p.m.

For children in grades 2 through 5

Fee- Residents $175 / Non-residents $190


Topics covered at an age-appropriate introductory level:

Week 1- Mindfulness and the Brain-Body Connection

Basic neuroscience teaches children how they can use their breath to calm themselves when feeling stressed or at times when they need to recalibrate after a busy day. Includes easy activities incorporating mindfulness and teaching children to practice on their own.

Week 2- EQ- Emotional Intelligence

Children learn to recognize their emotions and those of others. Discussions encourage and offer a social advantage about how mastering EQ is a quality that many successful people possess.

Week 3- The Power of Having a Growth Mindset and Building Your Resilience

The principles of a Growth Mindset vs. a Fixed Mindset will be examined to help rethink attitude/strategy when facing a challenge. Key elements of a resilient person will be addressed, including what is needed to develop resilience, turn adversity into advantage and threat into opportunity.

Week 4- The Many Ways We Communicate

For better or for worse, in the increasing world of technology, children are communicating more on devices and less in person. We'll discuss how we receive and communicate information through verbal/non-verbal communication, as well as the importance of reading non-verbal social cues in facial expressions and body language.

Week 5- Choices Are Made Easy When I Know My Values

When children understand their values, it is easier to make decisions aligned with them. Making good decisions helps reinforce self-esteem and self-confidence, two of the necessary ingredients for a happy life.

Week 6- The Benefits of Kindness and Gratitude

We all have feel-good hormones that flood our bodies when we perform or receive acts of kindness. We  learn about the benefits of gratitude and how being in a state of appreciation benefits our outlook on life and overall sense of well-being.