How it Works

Evaluations are designed to help us balance the teams so that all players have an opportunity to be successful and have fun. They also give players an idea of who they may play with or against and allow them to choose the place where they will be most comfortable.

While these are general guidelines,  adjustments can be made.  We  take into consideration added factors…size, skill, siblings skating, carpool needs etc.  We want players to be in spots where they can enjoy the games and have an opportunity to be successful.  Let us know if if you need special consideration for any reason and we will make a sensible decision.  Players may indicate a specific preference to skate with a friend, or to be placed on a particular team.  Our coaches include rink staff and parents who have hockey experience and the “right” approach to the game. Coaches are directed to match ages and skills during games to provide the best competitive situations possible.

Teams are set with an equal number of players on each squad – usually  with 10-12 players on each team.