Chess (New York Music & Arts)

Beginner Level (K1-K4) Wednesday    6-7pm

No prior experience necessary, but student passion to learn chess essential. They will learn about the proper movement of each piece, board coordinates, castling, check, captures, checkmate, stalemate and more. The goal is to enhance their love of the game, with its' rich complexities, while teaching them to think and create at a higher level.

Intermediate Chess (K3 and Up) Thursday 6-7pm

Knowledge of chess rules required. Some USCF tournament experience preferred. All participants will learn chess through a “hands on” approach. They will be encouraged to solve various tactical and strategical problems from various opening, middle-game and endgame positions. They will compete with each other.

Robert Guevara is a United States Chess Federation National Master.  He has competed in over 500 tournaments and has trained several of the top K-12 chess players in the US. He is the former trainer of the top nine year old in the nation. His experience teaching K-12 exceeds 14 years.

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