If someone else is picking up your child, then please fill out this form!

2021 Door-to-Door Busing
will NOT be available
due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Important Busing Info (read carefully)

In order to sign up for door-to-door busing, you must fill it out on the camper application form. If your child has special requirements for bus transportation, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the camp office @ 516-487-4673 (Press 6). You can also email “Attention Katherine (bus issue)”.

Busing Procedures:

  • The pick-up times will be provided the week before camp begins.
  • Travel times will vary with traffic and/or weather conditions, but we do our best to be as consistent as possible. Our aim is to have the buses arrive at camp approximately 8:45 a.m. each morning.
  • Please have your child ready approximately 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled pickup time each day. Once the bus arrives, it will wait no more than 1 minute for your child. Please keep in mind that there are many other children to pick-up, so it’s important to be early in order for all campers to arrive at camp on time. Once the bus leaves, it will not return that morning to pick up your child.
  • Bus counselors will be responsible for:  learning the route, taking attendance, assisting campers on and off the bus, and ensuring that campers are wearing seat belts. Bus counselors cannot escort your child to your front door for any reason. They may not leave the bus.
  • If your child is not coming to camp on a particular day, DO NOT CALL THE CAMP OFFICE. WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH A NUMBER WHEN CAMP BEGINS. Please leave a detailed message on the answering machine that includes the date, the camp’s name, your child’s name, your bus driver, and your address.
  • If you child is coming to camp LATE, then you must bring your child directly to the camp office before your child can join his/her group. Please make sure to indicate whether or not your child will be taking the bus home that day so that we can update our afternoon bus attendance.
  • At the end of the camp day, your child will only be dismissed if a parent, legal guardian, or person with indicated permission is present at the bus stop. Please be home and ready for arrival when the camp day officially ends at 4 p.m. If nobody’s there to greet your child, then the bus will move on to the next stop and your child will have to remain on the bus for the duration of the run before being returned to the camp office. It will be your responsibility to pick up your child from the camp office.
  • Please note that only campers registered for busing will be allowed on the bus at any time. This is in regards to play dates, friends, or family members. NO EXCEPTIONS.