FAQs for 2021

Parent Guide 2020 - (2021 Parent Guide Coming Soon)

• Groups will be no larger than 15 campers and will have very little contact with other groups.
• We will be providing one towel for morning swim instruction. Please bring a towel every day for afternoon water activities.
• Outside food service will be provided for an additional fee. Campers are always welcomed to bring their own lunch.
• Limited busing during camp.  Busing will only be used to transport campers to and from Parkwood Pool facility for swimming.  No camper will be on a bus more than twice per day (trips to and from Parkwood Pool). 
• Campers are required to wear their Camp Parkwood t-shirts, along with comfortable shorts and sneakers.
• Campers and Staff will wear masks as per CDC guidelines. Activities will be outside and implement social distancing to limit the need for masks.
• We encourage wearing a bathing suit to camp in order to limit the need for changing before a swim.
• Bring a backpack filled with:  a bathing suit, a ziplock bag for wet clothes, a change of clothes, suntan lotion,  a mask, and a tennis racket (based on your group’s schedule). ALL swimsuits and towels must be taken home every day to be laundered.
• Offsite Trips: All trips offsite are canceled for Summer 2021.
• Fewer activity periods with more time in between to allow staff and campers to sanitize.
• Visitors and Tours: For the safety of our staff and campers, no visitors or tours will be allowed on campgrounds during the summer.
• Label your child’s clothing, backpack, and other items.