Environment & Conservation

Environmental and preservation programs are part of the Park District's commitment to conservation including implementing conservation policies and overseeing passive parkland. 

The Great Neck Park District is dedicated to providing parks, preserving open space, and protecting the natural environment.  We are devoted to sustaining this operating model in order to provide a legacy for future generation park users. 

Protecting open space, connecting children to nature, and engaging communities in conservation practices is what we would like to accomplish.

The National Recreation and Parks Associations' Three Pillars - CONSERVATION, HEALTH AND WELLNESS, and SOCIAL EQUITY - are shared values for the Great Neck Park District.  Our department works to positively impact the Great Neck community in each of these areas especially, Conservation. 

Sustainability and green operations are ongoing initiatives for the Park District.  Working hand in hand with community organization such as the "Open Space Committee", and the "Garden Club,"  are just a few examples of how we would like to achieve those green initiatives.  

The Park District has already created successful green initiatives for the 2016-17 year, and already we are one step closer to providing a legacy for future generation park users!
Leaf Mulching Pilot Program
100 Trees for 100 Years

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