2021 - 2022 Winter Storage - November 1 through mid-April

Lockers: $100 (must have rented a locker for the 2021 season)
Kayaks: $200
Boats (must be on a trailer): Residents $25/ft | Non-Residents $30/ft

2021 Marina Registration 

Steppingstone Marina moorings

Purchase moorings, permits, storage and lockers in-person at Great Neck House. Registration opens at Great Neck House April 1.

Moorings (MUST bring your boat registration and insurance to purchase), beach boat and ramp permits, boat lockers and trailer storage all require an in-person transaction to receive necessary stickers. 

Launch Service Fee

Resident launch service fee is $19.50 per foot of boat length.
  • Limited number of non-resident moorings available at additional fee of $550
  • Easy access to City Island restaurants, New York harbor and eastern Long Island
  • Excellent fishing - check out our high tide table (link on left)
  • Rowboat available when launch is not in service.
  • Boat lockers: Residents $150: 4/19-10/31/21; Full year $250: 4/19/21-4/18/22.
  • Trailer StorageResident $275/Non-resident $325:                     4/19-10/31/21. 
  • Kayak winter storage fee $200; Power Boat storage (on trailer) resident - per linear ft. $25/ non-resident $30.
  • *Any items left beyond 10/31/21 will be subject to an additional Winter Storage fee.

Service Provider and contact info

Great Neck Park District is the sole provider of all Steppingstone Marina services.
Steppingstone Marina is located at 38 Steppingstone Lane.
For additional information call (516) 487-GNPD.

Mooring Fee Rental Chart

Boat Size
Up to 20 feet
21 - 25 feet
26 - 30 feet
31 - 39 feet
40 feet and up

Ramp Permits 

(Residents $100; Non-residents $200)
Anyone wishing to use the boat ramp to launch a vessel MUST have a boat identification sticker affixed to their trailer. A ramp card is also required for the use of the boat ramp. 
Everyone must obtain their ramp card and sticker in person at Great Neck House. (As of 3/11/21 Great Neck House is closed for renovations so we are doing in-person transactions at Parkwood Sports Complex main office at 65, Arrandale Ave.)

Ramp facility is available April through October.

Beach Boat Permits

(Residents $150, Non-residents $185 per boat)
ALL beach boats MUST have a decal affixed to the back of the boat. 

Boat Trailer Storage

(Resident $275, Non-resident $325)
Boat trailer storage at Steppingstone Marina requires a sticker which must be purchased at Great Neck House.
All trailers must be removed by October 31.