Launch Service Fee

Resident launch service fee is $18 per foot of boat length.
  • Limited number of non-resident moorings available at additional fee of $500
  • Easy access to City Island restaurants, New York Harbor and eastern Long Island
  • Excellent fishing - check out our high tide table on the left hand side!
  • Rowboat available when launch is not in service
  • Boat lockers and trailer storage available at additional cost

Contact Number & Service Provider

The Great Neck Park District is the sole provider of all marina services.
Boat owners should call 516-482-0355 for additional information.

Mooring Fee Rental Chart

Boat Size
Up to 20 feet
21 - 25 feet
26 - 30 feet
31 - 39 feet
40 feet and up

Ramp Permits ($100/permit)

Anyone wishing to use the boat ramp to launch a vessel MUST have a boat identification sticker affixed to their trailer. A ramp card is also required for the use of the boat ramp. Residents with a valid park card and returning non-residents may purchase their ramp permit online. A ramp card and sticker will be mailed upon purchase.
New non-residents must obtain their ramp card and sticker in person at Great Neck House.
Ramp facility is available April through October.

Beach Boats

Beach Boat permits are available (Residents: $140, Non-residents: $175 per boat). ALL beach boats MUST have a decal affixed to the back of the boat.  You can purchase a permit online or by visiting Great Neck House.

Boat Trailer Storage

Boat trailer storage at Steppingstone Marina requires a sticker which must be purchased at Great Neck House. Resident: $250, Non-resident: $300.
All trailers must be removed by October 31.